We're Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Inc. When you see fireworks bursting in a Hawaiian sky, it's likely one of our displays. We shoot fireworks for holiday events like the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve celebrations. In addition, our productions add excitement and sparkle to countless corporate conventions, luaus, weddings, birthdays, and other special gatherings.


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About Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Inc.

Before the first aerial shell flies for an event, we spend weeks (and often months) carefully attending to every detail of our clients' production. That's the hallmark of a successful fireworks show--to make the event memorable for the guests and effortless for the sponsor! 

We design aerial fireworks productions, company logo burns, custom designed set pieces, and exciting stage effects to suit most every event and budget. We take care of all the details--display permits, production and safety logistics, insurance, security and much more, allowing our clients to sit back and enjoy the show. Our highly trained pyrotechnic operators are well versed in all aspects of safety and event production helping to ensure a flawless display.

Our designers utilize state of the art production tools to craft a fireworks show that can competely integrate with the rest of your production, no matter how large. Using cutting edge technology, we can precisely choreograph the pyrotechnic effects to a musical selection of your choice to create a truly extrodinary multimedia experience. This technology, along with highly specialized pyrotechnic effects, allows us to bring the art and magic of pyrotechnics to virtually any type of production in many types of venues. Our extensive knowledge and experience producing displays throughout the State of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim allows us the ability to design the show that will be the most effective for a particular site.

Once, the artistry of fireworks was patronized only by kings and queens. The recipies of the court "firemaster" were shrouded in secrecy and the magic of a show was witnessed only by societies' elite. Thankfully, today professional fireworks displays are widely available for celebrations and special occasions of all types. Now, anyone can host and sponsor a fireworks show. 

When your intention is to leave an indelible memory of your special event on your guests, nothing matches the sheer dazzle and impact of a professional fireworks display. So when the sky's the limit for your next celebration, think of starbursts and salutes, comets and chrysanthemums. Contact us and together we can create a truly magical evening.