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Close proximity pyrotechnic effects are a hybrid product used when aerial shells are too large and indoor effects too small. Most commonly seen at major sport venues and corporate events, such as grand openings, where there is less separation between audience and effect.


If a display site does not allow for traditional aerial shells, we may be able to use a special category of fireworks known as close proximity effects. These are specially engineered devices using much smaller quantities of pyrotechnic materials that produce little or no fallout debris. The high level of performance of these devices allows their use in areas within fifty to seventy-five feet of the spectator viewing area, while still achieving heights of several hundred feet. They are especially effective in areas such as sports stadiums, theme parks and even rooftops. Close proximity effects are available in many of the same types of effects as traditional aerial shells. In addition, many of the ground display devices such as set pieces are also safe to use in sites with limited safety zones.


A close proximity type display is also an excellent candidate to enhance a larger multimedia production. Their ability to be safely placed relatively close to performers and production staff and equipment allows them to integrate rather effectively with a larger performance. In addition, our ability to precisely choreograph the effects electronically means the event producer can rely on the intended effect performing at exactly the right moment in a performance.

The use of pyrotechnics in close proximity to the audience requires considerable preparation. Approval for such displays by the authorities having jurisdiction is handled on a case-by-case basis, as safety to the public and property is of primary concern. As part of the design process, we will meet with the event production team and the relevant authorities. Advance planning is the key to a successful display, as we will need to address all possible mitigating issues. Our involvement in many productions in multiple venues will help ensure flawless execution of a breathtaking performance.

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